September 21: Brandon Jennings


Hunting with Trophy Hunting Adventures in Northeast New Mexico provided an incredible experience for Brandon Jennings.

With Sean Lundy filming, an encounter with a big bull for days kept them on their toes.

The first few days, the duo and their guide only saw a few young bulls early on.  Then they spotted a really big bull, and Brandon knew he didn’t want any other bull—he wanted that one. A four-day hunt ensued, with a couple of distant encounters before he fell. 

With only one evening and one morning left to hunt, Jennings knew he would be lucky to get a shot. The evening hunt started a cat and mouse game, where the hunters would call to the bull and have him answer whenever they were above him but shut up whenever they got down in the valley with him. 

Amazingly, they were able to get in on top of where he was and could see a cow and calf. With the bull bugling and making rubs, Jennings noticed one opening between the cow and calf and the bull. He knew he would have to walk through it to get to them. Jennings sat and waited. Finally, the bull made his way to the other elk, and he drilled him while quartering away.

The huge bull died while running, only going 200-yards or so. 

~Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer