September 12: Dave Kramer


Dave Kramer wouldn't want to be anywhere else on the face of the earth on September 12th than in the Wyoming mountains chasing bull elk. It’s his lucky day!


Dave Kramer and his hunting/filming buddy, Bill Gadient, have spent the last ten years elk hunting with Ted Jenkins' hunting camp 50 miles south of Jackson, Wyoming. The dynamic duo splits the chores by alternating years as hunter or cameraman. “Ted Jenkins camp is top notch,” Kramer said. “We’ve taken three bull elk and a Shiras moose while hunting with him.”


Kramer only failed to draw in one year, but had a few preference points for 2019, which paid off handsomely.


“We hunted September 8th through the 12th,” Kramer said, and saw four different bulls in five days. And they all came in silent.”


Dave actually drew on two bulls, before taking his bull on the last day of the hunt.


“They both were in range, but they just never presented the shot I needed for a quick, ethical kill, so I held off.”


Worries fell on the Jenkins camp on the fourth day, with predictions of 8-to10-inches of snow. Fortunately, the precipitation came in liquid form, which kept the hunters at bay until 5 p.m. Kramer experienced two good encounters in one-and-a-half-hours, but could not connect.


The next morning Ted asked Dave where he would like to hunt.


“I’ve hunted on the Bridger National Forest in the same vicinity for a decade,” Kramer said. “I know the area very well, and have a particular drainage that I like to hunt. It is rough country, and you have to go in on foot. Too, there are a lot of elevation changes both going in and out of that drainage. Most importantly, I’ve seen elk every time I have gone in there.”


Kramer’s last morning in elk camp dawned with heavy fog.


“We couldn’t see a hundred yards,” he said. “My range finder would only read out to 32 yards.”


Area knowledge paid off for Dave. A bull responded on a ridge exactly where he expected it to be located. “We checked the thermals and began preparing for a 1,000 foot climb to the bull. As we made our approach plan, Bill spotted a bull coming down the ridge. “We immediately got ready,” Kramer said.

In the meantime, a spike bull snuck in on their location silently. “I was tempted to shoot the spike, since it was my last day,” Dave said. “But, I held off. Then we spotted another bull up the ridge slowly making its way towards us.”


The fog had lifted a little and Dave had an opening at 48 yards, by a big tree. Fortunately, the bull strolled in and stopped on the other side of the tree.


“I drew my bow and settled the 50-yard pin right where my arrow needed to go,” Dave said. “That was as good of an arrow I ever let go. It struck the bull exactly where I had the pin settled.”


“Bill and I immediatley started celebrating,” Kramer said. “I turned to him and said, ‘“do you realize September 12 is the exact same date we killed our other two bulls here?’”


I’ll bet that bow hunting pair will be in the same vicinity next year on September 12. Guys, you can’t go wrong with that date. Sept 12 is my oldest daughter’s birthday!


Equipment List:


-PSE Evolve 35

-Rage Broadheads

-Nomad Clothing

-Mossy Oak Mountain Country Camouflage

-Leoupold Optics

-Tenzing TZ Pack in Mountain County Camouflage



- Bill Cooper, DeerCast Senior Writer