December 29: Dawn Jensen


While checking cameras in late November, Dawn and Beau Jensen came across a picture that caused them to stop for a closer look.

A mature 11 point buck had just appeared on the north side of the farm. While wondering where he had been all season, they were anxious to get a shot at him.

With the new buck in the same area as their top target buck, they knew where they would be focusing their late-season efforts. Dawn spent her limited hunting time on the north end of the farm in hopes of catching the mature 11 or the target 10 with big brow tines.

While Beau was hunting the north side of the farm, the big 10 showed up and he was able to connect. While dragging the big 10 home, they got a notification that the mature 11 had triggered a camera in the area that same night.

The mature 6x5 turned into a ghost. For the next two weeks he was not seen or even caught on camera. Dawn said “I thought that he may have gone back to his home territory after a quick pass through our farm looking for a late season doe.” But then on Saturday morning the trail camera tripped Dawn received a notification from the trail camera. A photo revealed that the mature 11 was back on the north end of the farm.

Taking advantage of knowing the shooter was in the area, Dawn settled into the stand a little before 2. It was one of the nicest days in some time after a cold snap with a pleasant southwest wind.

There was very little movement until a little after 3 o’clock. A few does came out and began to graze the middle of the field about 100 yards away. About 3:30 Dawn noticed a buck on the far end of the field. She took a look through the binoculars to see it was the 6x5 she was after. The mature buck was 145 yards away and slowly grazing closer.

Dawn waited patiently for him to get within range of the muzzleloader as he slowly grazed closer for the next 15 minutes. As he came into the middle of the field he started to act a little spooky. With his heightened awareness, Dawn thought he may run any moment. She set her sights on the big buck and when he offered a clean shot she squeezed the trigger. As the smoke cleared the mature 11 point had dropped in his tracks.


Gear used:






Traditions muzzleloader

LaCrosse Boots

Outdoor Edge knives

- Dr. Brooks Tiller