My 2018 season started out trying to produce a bow madness episode “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

A year ago, my son Cody moved to Kansas City area for work. He knew he wanted to be able to deer hunt during the week and on the weekends when he could, without having to make the four hour round trip back home tour farm. He didn’t know exactly how to go about it and he found the onX hunt map app that allowed him to find land owner property lines and addresses. He contacted 150 landowners on the Kansas side and was able to gain access to a handful of properties to bow hunt on. He was able to show them that good ole boys who respect property and help out still do exist.

He invited me to hunt on his Kansas City properties this year to repay me for the last 15 years of planting his food plots, hanging his tree stands, guiding him and everything else! Hey, at least it finally paid off! I couldn’t wait to get after my first urban deer. Cody’s landowners allowed him to plant beans on his properties in Kansas City city limits, by himself, without help from his Dad. He knew he wanted to get food plots in and plant in the city because there is little to no agriculture in the city limits. The deer would be flocking to his plots. He got the beans in but, unfortunately, with the drought we experienced in during the summer, his beans didn’t get over shin height. So he planted some BioLogic clover, turnips and radishes and they jumped up and boy were they bringing in some deer!

My first sit in the city I came to realize how much different yet similar it was than hunting out in the country. Trains, planes, and automobiles were prevalent as was a kid riding his dirt bike with no muffler. Cody said he could see smoke rolling out of my ears when all this was going on. He had to re assure me that we weren’t back home and the deer are more than used to all of this. Lo and behold he was right as the deer started to pour out in the plot. We had many good encounters throughout the season but never got it done, in the city that is! Cody came back for Christmas and to film for me in country.

On December 22nd he received a picture via Reconyx cell camera that a nice unknown buck showed up at a spot we call the Junkyard. The 23rd was going to be a great day according to DeerCast, so we knew we had to get on this deer. However, we didn’t have anything set up for a west wind so we went into the junkyard in the middle of the night and brushed in a Muddy ground blind in hopes we would encounter Mr. Unknown.

On December 23rd we hopped in the Muddy ground blind overlooking a cut bean field with high hopes. It doesn’t get any better than father/son hunting. The deer moved late but boy did they move! We heard some splashing in the creek bed behind us and out they popped. And at last, out popped out Mr. Unkown! It’s almost too good to be true. The deer didn’t look twice at the muddy blind we brushed in just 18 hours ago. He fed in front of us for minutes as we just took it all in.

As I let my arrow fly I’m not sure what happened as I made a less-than-perfect shot, but the Rage broadhead saved me and left a highway of a blood trail in the field. Father and son were able to connect! A wild hunt and Christmas present that I won’t forget! This is a prime example of how DeerCast makes a difference. Knowing that the day after we got the picture of Mr. Unkown would be a great day and the next three days were just going to be ok. We knew we had to make a move on this deer and make it happen.

- Dan Thurston