Hunt Details

Hunter: Gary LeVox
Animal: 148 7/8" Whitetail
Location: Missouri
Weapon: Thompson Center Encore

This hunt started out last November when Gary took his first deer in MO during general rifle season. As he was departing we talked about making the MO rifle season an annual hunt. During the off-season Gary had invited us to a couple concerts and we had an awesome time hanging with him and we would talk about our upcoming hunt. Then in early November I got the news that his album was dropping on the 16th and Gary was going to be making appearances on Letterman and the Jimmy Falon shows. In my mind I was thinking what’s more important…a MO monster or being on two of the most popular late night shows in the county?! I quickly found out where I stood…ha ha. Music business first… so we decided to go with the December portion of the gun season and try some food plot hunting with a Thompson Center Encore.

Gary arrived in camp…which was special because my sisters Barb and Linda were in camp and they were absolutely thrilled to get to meet him. Gary is always a ton of laughs when he is in camp and when Barb, Linda and the rest of the gang get to chucklin’ there is no stopping the contagious laughter! We truly had a great time cutting up in camp!

We had the weather we had all hoped for…high pressure! We went to a bean field on a new farm and it was a classic December evening. There were 12 doe on the field when we got there at 2 o’clock. We snuck into the blind without spooking any of them and it was just a parade of deer movement the entire afternoon. At 4 o’clock a beautiful 10 point that I had never seen – no pictures, no sightings – had walked into our life. Just goes to show you the power of a late season food source! The deer walked within 75 yards, Gary put a perfect 10 ring shot on the deer and it capped off a wonderful day in the MO deer woods!

Topped off a really wonderful trip. Good friends, good family….great time!