November 4: Terry Drury

Hunt Details

Hunter: Terry Drury
Animal: 135" 9 Point 4 1/2 Year Old Whitetail
Location: Missouri
Weapon: PSE Dream Season X-Force

It all started the Morning of November the 4th. It was a cold, crisp, clear morning and Ryan and I barreled deep into the timber hoping to catch a mature buck heading back to bed after a long night of feeding in the bottoms. The movement started off slow with a doe or two making her way through. After a short break in the action we began to see a few deer back up on their feet. With the low temperatures in the mid twenties and a rising moon we thought that the deer might stay on the food source longer and our best chance of movement was mid to late morning.

November is that magical time period where we begin to see the majority of the deer movement moving from evenings to morning. After a quick check of my Reconyx I knew that the transition had been made and that we would start hunting the mornings. The deer were moving and after seeing 3 younger bucks dogging and chasing doe I glassed down the ridge and saw this 4.5 year old Missouri 9 point heading our way. After a quick scramble we got everything in place and just waited for the buck to walk through our shooting lane and hopefully give me a quartering away shot. The buck made his way to within range and I grunted to stop him. After he stopped I settled my PSE and released the Rage tipped arrow. The 48-yard shot felt good and after reviewing the footage I knew the Rage found its mark. We gave the deer some time to expire and after climbing out we went over to inspect the hit site. The blood trail was easily followed and the buck had only run about 80 yards.

After the recovery I couldn’t have been happier. This was the 45th day of hunting for us and I could not have thought of a better way to break the ice than with this mature Missouri buck. Now that we have filled our bow tag we are preparing for the Missouri firearms season. I wish everyone out there the best of luck and safe hunting. Stay tuned to the journal to see the success of the rest of the Drury team members.