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Whitetail Madness 10

DVD - Hard-core horn addicts, sit back and enjoy the strongest dose of whitetail fanaticism on earth. Whitetail Madness 10 tracks Team Drury in its year-long quest for a big-deer fix. We don’t just take you to the treestand, we get you down and dirty with a look at what drives our hunters and all the highs and lows they face in their journey from January ’06 to January ‘07.

Mark Drury hits a huge upswing in Iowa, knocking down a double-main-beam monster that scores 171”. Al Shacklett heads to Southern Texas and comes out on top of backstraps after an eye-level encounter with a bruisin’ 6x4 that scored 161”. And the month of October is tough on Terry at times, but full of heart-pounding encounters as he and brother Mark team up on the notorious bigs of Iowa. His saga ends as it should – filled tag and big smile for the camera. MLB player Jim Thome puts the wallop on a 160” Illinois pig, a foursome divides and conquers in Iowa on a 140” buck, and Mark, Terry and Keith Kuehn battle the elements, but draw more blood than they bargained for in Kansas. These are just a few of the awesome hunts caught in this 160-minute web of obsession sure to get you geared up for your own mad season.

$8.99 Item: 212DVD