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100% Wild Fair Chase Vol. 11

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DVD - It’s time to sharpen your skills and sharpen that knife. Our 11th chapter of 100% Wild is heart-thumping how-to of epic proportions, showcasing the largest deer killed on video in Drury Outdoors history – the 236 2/8” Iowa monarch named Baby G. Along with the thrilling 9-year odyssey behind Baby G, you’ll see Jeff Lindsey and his Dad team up on a 176” beast in Illinois, Rod Wilson end his two-year quest for a 180” also called Goliath and a pile of other big deer taken to school by the Drury Outdoors team. For each hunt, Mark and Terry will highlight which of the “7 Deadly Tactics” helped seal the deal and how you can apply it. So prepare for an education. Prepare for a magnum load of adrenaline. Did we mention you’ll get to see a deer grossing over 230”? Things get wilder than ever in Volume 11.

$8.99 Item: 255DVD